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Flyshop at Lees Ferry Anglers

Tried and Tested

Most anglers consider themselves lucky if they get to fish 20 to 30 times a year.

Our rods, reels, fly lines, waders and other equipment are used 250+ days. Tackle is on trial under the most grueling conditions – punished under desert sun and winter frost. The end result – the “bottom line” – is that we know what works . . . and that’s all we sell.

Flyshop at Lees Ferry Anglers

Whether for your trip here to Lees Ferry or to Alaska, Patagonia, the flats of Belize or bluewater Baja, we can provide you with the equipment that has passed our own personal trials and punishment.

We’ve tested tackle on rainbow trout to 20-pounds, steelhead, tarpon, bonefish, sailfish, marlin, wahoo and virtually every other saltwater speedster.

Flyshop at Lees Ferry Anglers

We maintain an exceptionally large inventory of Abel, Sage, Winston, Temple Fork, Tibor, Galvin, Orvis, Simms, Patagonia, Scientific Anglers Mastery, Ex Officio, William Joseph, Fish Pond and Rio among others. We are one of the largest fly tackle retailers in the southwest U.S.

Flyshop at Lees Ferry Anglers

With a 6.4 Arizona sales tax – no tax on out-of-state mail orders and free shipping within the continental U.S. – you might find a significant advantage shopping with us.

Call us for our best, honest advice, to place an order, or to check product availability.

Flyshop at Lees Ferry Anglers

Daily up-to-date fishing reports are posted at about 7 p.m. Arizona time on our web site at Stay current by visiting our web address.

Gift certificates are available for tackle, guides and all of our services.

Flyshop at Lees Ferry Anglers

During the first weekend of February 1996, I had the pleasure of dealing with one of your employees… His name was Ted Welling.

…I went into your fly shop while my wife was getting ready for breakfast… Ted was quite busy renting waders, boots, etc., to a party of fishermen and their kids, so I browsed the shop and listened to their conversation. Ted then asked if he could help me and I asked if he had any suggestions on what flies would be good at the walk-in area. He then showed me a few that he though would be good. I waited until he had a minute then bought the flies and returned to meet my wife and eat breakfast. While we ate breakfast, I told my wife about how nice I thought Ted had been and how helpful he was. I also told her that I felt quite stupid not knowing how to tie a dropper fly as he had explained. My wife then said we should go back and have him explain it to us so we have a better chance to catch fish… Upon retuning to the fly shop, Ted was alone in the shop and I then explained that I had no experience fishing in any rivers with a wet fly, and felt quite dumb admitting it. Ted immediately made me feel quite comfortable, and took time to explain quite a few things to me and my wife. He then retied my leader to my fly line and went into detail showing and explaining how to tie a dropper fly on, and strike indicator. Never before have I been treated the way Ted treated me and my wife! You can bet that I will be back regularly to fish at Lees Ferry! Ted’s genuine concern to help was a welcome learning experience for us both, and he made us both feel important. You can bet from now on, I will be telling everyone I know, that the treatment we received from Ted Welling was “THE BEST”!… Again, what a pleasurable experience it was.

P.S. We both caught and released several fish “in the Slot” after our visit. Hats off to you for opening a whole new world of fly fishing to me and my wife!

Glenn Davis
Mary Davis
Flagstaff, AZ