Dinosaur Tracks at Tuba City

When traveling to Lees Ferry or Cliff Dwellers Lodge from the south, you will pass very near a world famous dinosaur track-way that deserves a visit. Or, this can be an easy side trip from Cliff Dwellers Lodge.  It’s about an hour drive.

Turn off of HWY 89 and travel on 160 for about 6 miles.  The tracks can be found just before you get to Tuba City. They’re located on top of a mesa, just after you crest a hill on the left-hand side of the road and are marked with a small sign. You will need to turn off the road and drive about 100 yards. There are some Navajo jewelry stands and there are always a few local Navajo “guides” anxious to show you around the track site in return for a gratuity. It is best to negotiate the price beforehand.

The formation that the tracks lie in is the Moenkopi formation which is 160 to 200 million years old. When the dinosaurs were roaming this landscape, it was a swamp and low area. There are many visible 3 toed tracks mostly belonging to the dilophosaurus , a large herbivore.