Lower Paria Canyon/Lonely Dell

Location: Trailhead for Paria Canyon begins at the historic Lonely Dell Ranch near the Lees Ferry boat launch. Before you cross the bridge at the Para River, you will turn left onto a gravel road. This road is easy to drive and will not be an issue for any vehicle.

Hike Description: The lower Paria Canyon trail follows the creek bed, which flows year round with shallow muddy water fed by springs further up the canyon. Magnificent sandstone walls streaked with desert varnish rise nearly a thousand feet on either side. The canyon bottom is dotted with cottonwood and desert willow. The trail is easy to follow and allows the hiker to enjoy the scenery. Early in the morning glass the cliffs with binoculars and you might spot bighorn sheep. There is also the possibility of seeing one of the giant California condors effortlessly gliding through the sky. Spend some time poking around the historic Lonely Dell Ranch where first, John Doyle Lee and later the Johnson family lived. There is an interesting cemetery along the trail where many of Arizona’s first pioneers are buried. This is an easy hike and offers its visitors a glimpse into the labyrinth of Arizona’s canyon country.