Spencer Trail

The Trailhead for Spencer Trail

Location: Trailhead located a couple hundred yards upstream from the Lees Ferry boat launch. There is a sign and rock cairn where the trail takes off to the left. As of March 14th, the sign seems to have some minor difficulties with staying upright, so you may have to look around on the ground.

Hike Description: The Spencer trail climbs to the top of the cliffs above the Colorado River. This hike is considered difficult and not recommended during summer months or to be done by anyone with a fear of heights. This hike will consume about 4-5 hours. Expect to do a lot of switchback hiking. It is recommended that you bring plenty of water, around 2-3 liters per individual. The view from the top is spectacular (absolutely jaw-dropping, guaranteed) and offers quiet and solitude not found anywhere else. While overlooking the launch point and the beginning of the trail, you will also be able to vaguely see the Navajo Bridge in the distance. Bring some snacks and enjoy the view once you make it to the very top.

Approximate 6 mile of Colorado River, as viewed from top of Spencer Trail

Once you arrive at the top of the hike, you may continue straight-bound  for a couple hundred yards and you will be able to see the approximate 6-mile turn of the Colorado river, in addition to the city of Page, Arizona in the distance.

Feel free to explore the area, but be careful not to become lost. It is absolutely crucial that you always have a sense of direction.