Glen Canyon Dam

Glen Canyon Dam

The Glen Canyon Dam can be viewed from two different locations – top and bottom. The Dam can be seen from Page, Arizona, and also while on the river from below. We highly recommend visiting the Dam.

Construction of the Glen Canyon Dam began in the year 1956 and was completed in 1966. Over this time period, 17 workers are recorded to have lost their lives during the construction of the Dam.

An interesting fact about the dam is that this is not the first dam to be created in Glen Canyon area. A previous dam, originally called “Canyon Dam” was built in the 1900s. Another dam is to be recorded and predicted to be from the time period of the long-ago Ancient Puebloans, which was called “Creeping Dune”.

Today, the Glen Canyon Dam provides electricity for millions of people all over the Southwest. The Colorado River is home to Rainbow Trout and is considered a world famous trout fishery.

There are free tours of the dam available throughout the day. The Visitor’s Center is located just off of US 89 near Page on the north side of the bridge. There you can watch short films on the making of the dam, view photos from the early years of the dam or take one of the free tours down into the dam itself. Outside, you can enjoy a perfect view of Lake Powell and the Colorado River from the bridge. It is a great photo-taking opportunity.